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Dr Mark Ian Hohenberg


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Dr Mark Hohenberg is a geriatrician (a specialist helping to support individuals as we get older). Mark completed medical school in 2006 at the University of London (University College London) and moved to Australia in 2008, where he completed his basic and specialist training in hospitals in and around Sydney and NSW. He has been practicing primarily in the Macarthur region since 2016. Mark also holds a number of positions including as a Chief Medical Officer of a technology firm exploring the use of Virtual Reality in Healthcare (Curiious), a Clinical Associate of Dementia Support Australia and with several academic centres including Western Sydney University, UNSW and The Asia University of Taiwan.

Mark’s primary role to patients is to support them to maintain the lifestyle they have or work towards goals for improving care. To achieve this, Mark works with his patients, carers and families to understand what is important for them. He works on the individual medical, psychological and social issues that may be present, whilst retaining an eye on the overall ‘picture’ or longer term strategy as defined by the patient.

Mark strongly supports our seniors to age well and maintain their independence & meet their personal goals for their future. He has a special interest in peri-operative medicine (supporting patients around the time of an operation), diagnosing and providing long-term support to individuals living with dementia, nutrition/ malnutrition and community medicine (supporting our elders in the community).

We would be delighted to welcome you to our rooms to see Mark to discuss your health as you age, be it because of a new or emerging medical problem, or simply to help maintain your lifestyle into your golden years.