Rachael Neville


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Rachael Neville


Service Locations:
Narellan Clinic -  The Exchange Suite 29, Level 2
1 Elyard Street Narellan NSW 2567. 




Phone No.  02 4786 0492

Rachael is a clinical neuropsychology registrar and Fellow to the College of Clinical Neuropsychologists. Rachael obtained qualifications in psychology and neuropsychology at Macquarie University and continued her neuropsychology training within hospitals across Sydney. She has experience and training across a range of clinical settings including neurology, geriatrics, cognitive rehabilitation, paediatrics and mental health. Rachael has obtained additional qualifications in Auslan from The Deaf Society and is currently finalising her PhD in vascular cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease.

Rachael is passionate about the provision of evidence-based neuropsychological services for all ages and backgrounds, with a special interest in cognitive rehabilitation. The vision of her practice is to provide high quality assessments and interventions that assist with diagnostic processes, promote cognitive improvement and improve overall well-being, independence and confidence. For paediatric, adult and geriatric populations, this includes cognitive assessment, cognitive rehabilitation, skills training, and psychological support in the context of diagnosed or suspected neurological and neurodevelopmental issues. For paediatric populations specifically, this also includes behaviour intervention and management of school-based issues.


02 4605 3000 - Gregory Hills Clinic

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02 4605 3000 - Narellan Clinic 

The Exchange Suite 29
Level 2, 1 Elyard Street

Narellan NSW 2567

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