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Dr Dana Slape


4:30 pm


Dr Dana Slape 

Service Location: Gregory Hills Clinic 

The Hub Suite 1108, Level 1, 31A Lasso Road

Gregory Hills, NSW 2557

Dr Dana Slape is a Fellow of the Australasian College of Dermatologists and graduate of Western Sydney University.  Dr Slape is passionate about managing chronic dermatological conditions across all age groups, but is particularly interested in children and adolescents as well as the elderly.

Dr Slape is experienced in inflammatory diseases of the skin including eczema and psoriasis, but has also developed niche skills in skin diseases relating to infectious and autoimmune diseases, which has been informed by extensive work across urban, rural and remote Australia, and the Pacific Islands.  Dr Slape is also interested in surgical and non-surgical management of skin cancer.  She has been awarded university prizes for academic excellence, oncology, professionalism, and leadership.  More recently, she is the recipient of international dermatology travel awards for paediatric dermatology and infectious diseases.


Dr Slape is committed to servicing populations who otherwise struggle to access dermatological care. She provides routine services to Royal Darwin Hospital and Katherine Hospital in the Northern Territory, Justice Health NSW, and South-West Sydney where she holds a public appointment as a Staff Specialist at Liverpool and Campbelltown Hospitals.  

Dr Slape is fortunate to have been involved in many teaching opportunities, including for medical students and junior doctors from diverse backgrounds and has also held national leadership roles involved with improving health equity policy for disadvantaged populations.  These experiences have all shaped Dana to be an approachable, warm, patient, and knowledgeable doctor who is proud to be Australia’s first Aboriginal Dermatologist.